Monday, March 19, 2007

back with a st. pat-attack!

the doctor is in, and he approves.
being a barista is really like being a doctor: we're on call at all hours of the day. but then again, there's nothing like waking up at the crack of dawn to update your cupcake blog while listening to devotchka and eating a crumpet with ricotta and fig spread. it would be super cool if we had barista pagers though--QUICK! out of bed! the store needs an opener! 10cc's of super-charged caffeine STAT! I don't even know what cc's are but it sounds appropriate.

Anyway: BAM! Trophy Cupcakes has done St. Patrick's Day. and what a doing it was! that holiday has been had, son. check these babies out:

chocolate chip cake with mint buttercream

chocolate guinness stout cake with bailey's irish buttercream

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M said...

I missed out on that guiness stout cupcake! Wahhh. I want one.