Saturday, March 31, 2007

two for bob

Give it up for the hippest dog this side of the Sound.

Dog Bob
Things One Should Know About Bob (the Dog) Before Asking Bob (the Dog) On A Date:
Bob's Sign:Taurus
Bob's Namesake:Bob Marley
Bob's (Caffeinated) Drink Of Choice:bonedry cappuccino
Bob's (Alcoholic) Drink Of Choice:white russian on the rocks
Bob's Dayjob:child psychologist
Bob's Alteregoist Nighttime Job:hardcore punkrocker
Bob's Favorite Flavor Trophy Cupcake:bring back the bailey's!
Bob's Key Ingredient in the ULTIMATE Cupcake:bacon
Additional Information:Bob likes hip hop music, burberry apparel and chunky jewelry. Bob dislikes posers and players.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

one for bob

it's well past fashionably overdue that a post be devoted to our most conspicuous customers: the bobs. the beauty of the bobs: both a man and a dog. bob of the upstairs loft who likes his jeans skinny and dog bob of the next-door salon who likes his women lusty. loft bob definitely takes the cupcake when it comes to having one of the most well-established trophy routines. it could be the coffee, it could be the cupcakes, but i think it's the coffee-cupcake ladies that bring this regular back regularly. don't let the miniature party hat fool you, the bob pictured isn't the dog...well not literally.

BobThings One Should Know About Bob Before Asking Bob On A Date:
Bob's Sign:Cancer
Bob's (Caffeinated) Drink Of Choice: a Tall Americano (with room, please)
Bob's (Alcoholic) Drink Of Choice:anything with vodka (thank you)
Bob's Dayjob:(get ready) an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist: Bob analyzes customer satisfaction data to better understand how his company can make their customers more satisfied. (Translation: Bob professionally manufactures and distributes satisfaction.)
Bob's Alteregoist Nighttime Job:Bob designs T-shirts and organizes concerts. Both ventures are designed to raise money to help fight global warming. (Save the planet. Wear a T-shirt.)
Bob's Favorite Flavor Trophy Cupcake:Carrot ("When I eat it, I cry a tear of joy." -Bob)
Bob's Key Ingredient in the ULTIMATE Cupcake:Herb (with Ranch Dipping Sauce)
Additional Information:Bob likes sushi and bands and dog party hats (obviously). Bob dislikes cupcake haters.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Thursday, March 22, 2007

cupcakes in the wild

Not many people come across the rare opportunity of experiencing cupcakes in the wild. I myself encountered one such creature on safari deep in the heart of Tanzania this last Tuesday. Observe:

...see how it interacts with its brethen, the dessert gazelle. Don't let it's sweetly tame and deliciously innocent repose fool you. They flee for safety, my friends, because this particular cupcake bites back.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

little nibbles

Cupcake Decorating Parties are all the rage, and we baristas had a little after-hours decorating party ourselves. We might just give the erotic bakery a run for their money, not for our skill level but because we're strictly amateurs.

No, but seriously. They're mostly tons of innocent fun:

Monday, March 19, 2007

back with a st. pat-attack!

the doctor is in, and he approves.
being a barista is really like being a doctor: we're on call at all hours of the day. but then again, there's nothing like waking up at the crack of dawn to update your cupcake blog while listening to devotchka and eating a crumpet with ricotta and fig spread. it would be super cool if we had barista pagers though--QUICK! out of bed! the store needs an opener! 10cc's of super-charged caffeine STAT! I don't even know what cc's are but it sounds appropriate.

Anyway: BAM! Trophy Cupcakes has done St. Patrick's Day. and what a doing it was! that holiday has been had, son. check these babies out:

chocolate chip cake with mint buttercream

chocolate guinness stout cake with bailey's irish buttercream

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


p.s. we are three hot green baristas.

speaking of green, in the spirit of st. patty's, trophy has some irish specials coming up. stay tuned for guinness flavored updates.
heaping A heaping teaspoon of matcha? Yes, please! This fine phosphorescent green powder is like normal green tea on super steroids. If God did drugs, he'd do lines of this. If the battle between green tea and matcha was portrayed in an action-packed summer blockbuster, Green Tea would be played by Sly Stalone and Matcha would be played by The Rock, where Matcha would be like "Hey Green Tea, stop thinking you can bring Rocky back. Get out of my house, GT" and Matcha would whip out a 2x4 and proceed to beat the crap out of Green Tea until it was as finely ground as itself. I should be a script writer.

So yes, matcha. You want it, we have it.

matcha powder Anthony--only the coolest tea man this side of the sound and the Remedy go-to guy--came over to the shop today to teach me how to whip up this incogitable (yes it's a word, look it up) concoction. There's quite a process to it, it's a ceremonious affair. Not to mention the bamboo whisk kicks baby's butts. Check this out, it's a single stalk of bamboo split into tiny hairs that gather together to form one beautifully crafted tea beating instrument. Fantasmo! bamboo whisk Every matcha latte is whisked to order by yours truly (yours truly being an all-inclusive term encompassing all the cupcake barista ladies) whereby a small amount of matcha powder and barely-boiling water is violently whisked together creating a frothy foamy mixture of lush green goodness.

Make it.
Mix it.
Mack it.

Monday, March 5, 2007

the caliphs of cupcakes. the pastry pashas. the kitchen kaisers.

So it's been a good while since my last post (my internet access can be a bit spotty) but I think it's high time a little space be devoted to the super fabulous chiefs of cupcake cookery: Ana and Rick. Hot damn if they aren't the finest pastry chefs this side of the Pacific. It takes a lot to get up at the crack of dawn to crank out quality cupcakes every blessed morning. Thank the good lord for the strength and fortitude of those brave bakers' souls. They truly are the iron chefs of sugary confection.