Wednesday, March 28, 2007

one for bob

it's well past fashionably overdue that a post be devoted to our most conspicuous customers: the bobs. the beauty of the bobs: both a man and a dog. bob of the upstairs loft who likes his jeans skinny and dog bob of the next-door salon who likes his women lusty. loft bob definitely takes the cupcake when it comes to having one of the most well-established trophy routines. it could be the coffee, it could be the cupcakes, but i think it's the coffee-cupcake ladies that bring this regular back regularly. don't let the miniature party hat fool you, the bob pictured isn't the dog...well not literally.

BobThings One Should Know About Bob Before Asking Bob On A Date:
Bob's Sign:Cancer
Bob's (Caffeinated) Drink Of Choice: a Tall Americano (with room, please)
Bob's (Alcoholic) Drink Of Choice:anything with vodka (thank you)
Bob's Dayjob:(get ready) an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist: Bob analyzes customer satisfaction data to better understand how his company can make their customers more satisfied. (Translation: Bob professionally manufactures and distributes satisfaction.)
Bob's Alteregoist Nighttime Job:Bob designs T-shirts and organizes concerts. Both ventures are designed to raise money to help fight global warming. (Save the planet. Wear a T-shirt.)
Bob's Favorite Flavor Trophy Cupcake:Carrot ("When I eat it, I cry a tear of joy." -Bob)
Bob's Key Ingredient in the ULTIMATE Cupcake:Herb (with Ranch Dipping Sauce)
Additional Information:Bob likes sushi and bands and dog party hats (obviously). Bob dislikes cupcake haters.

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