Wednesday, March 7, 2007

heaping A heaping teaspoon of matcha? Yes, please! This fine phosphorescent green powder is like normal green tea on super steroids. If God did drugs, he'd do lines of this. If the battle between green tea and matcha was portrayed in an action-packed summer blockbuster, Green Tea would be played by Sly Stalone and Matcha would be played by The Rock, where Matcha would be like "Hey Green Tea, stop thinking you can bring Rocky back. Get out of my house, GT" and Matcha would whip out a 2x4 and proceed to beat the crap out of Green Tea until it was as finely ground as itself. I should be a script writer.

So yes, matcha. You want it, we have it.

matcha powder Anthony--only the coolest tea man this side of the sound and the Remedy go-to guy--came over to the shop today to teach me how to whip up this incogitable (yes it's a word, look it up) concoction. There's quite a process to it, it's a ceremonious affair. Not to mention the bamboo whisk kicks baby's butts. Check this out, it's a single stalk of bamboo split into tiny hairs that gather together to form one beautifully crafted tea beating instrument. Fantasmo! bamboo whisk Every matcha latte is whisked to order by yours truly (yours truly being an all-inclusive term encompassing all the cupcake barista ladies) whereby a small amount of matcha powder and barely-boiling water is violently whisked together creating a frothy foamy mixture of lush green goodness.

Make it.
Mix it.
Mack it.


Kevin said...

I'd like to use one of your photos. Can you contact me?

Dr.Gray said...

A heaping teaspoon might be a little much. One fourth a teaspoon of matcha is equal to one cup of green tea. As far as the movie analogy, you must remember matcha is green tea. It is just a special type of loose leaf tea (Gyokuro) ground very finely.

shiny happy cupcake said...

Who are you??