Tuesday, April 3, 2007

rabbits in top hats? how about hi-hats!

Oh boy, looks like we've got another round of holiday cupcakes coming up! I don't know if my waistline will be able to withstand the onslaught. This Easter weekend we have two scrumptious specials gracing our growing lineup: a twist on our triple coconut cupcake, but with PINEAPPLE CURD in the center (do I stutter? you read me correctly, see picture), and the absolutely devastating introduction of a hi-hat: our already decadent valrhona chocolate cupcake capped with a pooling pillow of marshmallow fluff and drapped in chocolate ganache. The heavenly heaping of immaculate marshmallowly goodness with devilishly, sinfully sumptuous chocolate puts me in purgatory...but I'm happy to stay there indefinitely. Here's a naked hi-hat:
You might be asking yourself, how can it possibly taste as amazing as it looks? Well let me assure you, this cupcake delivers in spades. This cupcake is so DAMN good that we baristas were forced to lick the leftover marshmallow fluff from the bowl. Insanely jealous? Yea, I thought so. Where are the pictures from that??? Just wait til we get our hands in that chocolate ganache. It will be a licking fingers extravaganza!

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