Saturday, April 7, 2007

this cupcake knows how to work it

Maria is an evil frosting genius!!! She thought this outfit up last night, and I swear to holy goodness that our lemon strawberry sales were up 513% (don't quote me on that). Whatever the case, this little baby can work the camera. Damn, cupcake, you're lookin' fine! Not to mention the super cute 50's candy dish it's sittin' pretty in. Emilie noted the serving size of such a snack bowl, and commented "No wonder people were skinnier back then if this is the serving size of a snack." It's an excellent observation--I don't think I've ever served chips and salsa in anything more diminutive than a 5-gallon tub (with an abundant backstock of refill). But then again, this is filled with one dense and completely devastating cupcake. That changes things a bit I suppose. Unless I were to serve cupcakes in a 5-gallon tub, with dipping butter on the side. That sounds more like a 21st century serving, no?

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